Refinishing vs Replacing Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring, while durable, still wears from years of heavy use. There comes a time when every homeowner with hardwood must make an important decision: to refinish or replace their hardwood floors. Keep reading to discover the pros and cons to each, and what to look out for when choosing hardwood floor refinishing contractors.


Pros and cons of Refinishing

Hardwood floor refinishing is without a doubt the most cost-effective option for keeping hardwood floors looking brand new. Hardwood floors can be refinished up to ten times, meaning once you invest in an artisan hardwood floor, that investment can last a lifetime. This is a compelling argument for going the refinishing route, as adding a new hardwood floor oil finish like rubio monocoat can completely invigorate the look and feel of your flooring.


However, refinishing has its cons, such as not being a completely new floor. At times, a homeowner may want to choose a totally different grain or type of wood, in which case refinishing would not be a great option. 99% of the time, however, your local hardwood floor refinishing contractors will have the color and finish desired to revamp your flooring’s feel.


Pros and cons of Replacing

Whether looking for Chicago hardwood flooring or across the nation, any hardwood floor contractor will tell you that nothing is quite like brand new hardwood. Going the replacement route ensures a sparkling new floor that can have unique grains and patterns not offered through refinishing. Since the actual wood is being replaced, any rot or decay that is permanent damage is mitigated--something that could be an issue with refinishing alone.


Ultimately, the health of the floor (whether or not there is excessive damage), and the homeowner’s budget are the two biggest considerations for going the replacement route. If the floor is truly damaged beyond repair, replacement is the best option.



While situations may arise that make replacing hardwood floors the best option, the majority of floors that are in rough shape simply need a professional hardwood floor refinishing job to have that ‘brand-new’ look and feel. When looking for floor refinishing in Chicago, Plus Hardwood Flooring has earned its stripes with dozens of successful jobs, particularly with rubio monocoat floors that last for decades.