Rubio Monocoat

Hardwax Oil

Zero VOC

Unlike the above finish systems, this new technology doesn't leave a plastic film layer on top of the floor. Instead, the natural oils and waxes in this product bond to the wood from the inside and form a water tight coating that is very durable. The true beauty of these finishes is that they look nothing like a standard floor finish. A standard floor finish will get painted on top of the wood, and layers of film will get built up over the top of the floor. As I'm sure you can see with most floors currently, this tends to look a bit "plastic-y". With Rubio Monocoat the oil soaks into the floor itself, creating a super "matte" and "raw" appearance which is not comparable to any standard finish offered on the market today. The color choices are incredible as well with 40+ inter-mixable colors; there are many mixes available to make virtually any look you can dream up possible. Hardwax oils are very environmentally friendly coming in at zero VOC’s. Due to how new the product is, the true durability is still yet to be determined. We've found that the scratch and wear resistance of this product is actually BETTER than a standard oil or water based finish.

Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus 2C Color Chart