Challenges of Hardwood Flooring: How to Make the Most Out of Your Floors

Hardwood floors continue to increase in popularity and even though they are amazing additions and upgrades to your home, there can be challenges with making it fit your current aesthetic. Since we work with hardwood flooring on a daily basis and know that these concerns can come up, we wanted to create a list of ways to seamlessly integrate your new hardwood floors into the decor and ensemble of your existing home. 


Creating a Flow for Open Floor Plans

Many homes today are designed with open floors plans and the hardwood flooring designs you choose for your home should highlight its beauty. One way to do that is to avoid seams between spaces by making sure that planks are installed to naturally flow from room to room, awkward divides are a no go. If you have a few mixed species of hardwood flooring in your open floor plan, just make sure that each flows smoothly into the next. Your main focus is to ensure there are no abrupt changes in your floors.

No Need to Stick with Traditional Decorating 

Hardwood floors are seen to be classic and traditional but don’t let that limit the way you decorate your home. Sleek modern elements can be great in hardwood flooring spaces to bring drama and a nice contemporary touch to any room. If going too modern scares you, another option is to blend traditional and modern together by choosing a main style and adding a few electrifying pieces. 

How Rugs Can Be Your Best Friends

Rugs can not only tie rooms together but can add a level of comfort to your room that hardwood flooring can miss. Have all the benefits of hardwood floors and the comfort of carpet by incorporating an area rug when decorating. You can also separate areas of your home and control how it flows with rugs. One key thing when using area rugs to control the flow of your home is to focus on having rugs within a similar color palette, this will make it look more natural and appealing to the eye. 

Focus On Mixing Instead of Matching 

We want to let you in on a little secret…all the wood tones in your house don’t have to match! This can be liberating when you are working on hardwood floors in a different room, or trying to get pieces of furniture that tie in. Interior design today is all up for blending the rough and rustic with the polished. Raw wood and modern gray wood floors can go together if paired properly, don’t let some “idea” of what goes with your hardwood floors tie you down. 


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