The Pros and Cons of Dark and Light Floors

Hardwood flooring comes in numerous shades, so when it's time to spice up a room with new floors the decision process can be a little complicated. When picking a shade of flooring it's important to stay true to not only what you enjoy, but what will be best for your space. Below we have listed out some things to consider when it comes to both dark and light floors in order to help you in your decision process. 

Dark Floors



Dark floors have been on trend in recent years. They add elegance and richness to any room you put them in, making the room decor stand out due to its high contrast. With dark floors you can also play up a rustic aesthetic because they bring an earthy and nature oriented feel. It is important to put dark hardwood flooring in rooms that are well lit, because they will make the space darker, and when spaces are darker they tend to look smaller. Dark hardwood flooring might not be the thing for you if you're worried about cleaning and upkeep. Dark floors often show more dirt and scratches, yet if those are the floors you really want there are always tactics to get around ruining your floors. For example, getting an area rug, check out our latest blog on how to choose the perfect area rug for your space. 

Light Floors



Light floors add freshness to any space you put them in. They are timeless because of their classiness and can make a space appear larger due to their vibrance. They also don't show scratches and dirt easily making them the perfect floors for pet owners and people who have children. Yet, when choosing light floors make sure that your color choice won't match with your decor, making the room dull and mundane. Adding a gray element to light floors is very modern and can help add texture to a room. 

Remember there are tradeoffs with any floors so always keep your taste and preferences at the forefront of your decision making. Also if you can't choose between a certain hardwood or stain make sure to get samples, they'll make your decision process easier. 

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