The Complete Guide to Choosing an Area Rug for Your Hardwood Floors

Investing in hardwood floors also involves investing in the proper area rug to show them off and keep them safe. The last thing you want is to scratch up your hardwood floors by not having a rug, or ruin your floors by having the wrong one. There are many things to consider from color, to material, to quality rug pads. In order for you to discover the combination that works best for you we've laid out all the different aspects you need to consider below.




  • Match the floor: If you want a more harmonious look in your room go for a rug color that is similar to your floor color. When choosing a rug that is similar to your floor color, eyes will be drawn to different areas of the room instead of the floor. A blended floor color will allow you to set up accent pieces and other pops of color around the room without clashing. 
  • Contrast the floor: By choosing a rug color that is very different than your hardwood floor color, it will bring attention to your hardwood floors. When people enter the room they will be drawn to look at the floor, giving you a great opportunity to show off your beautiful hardwood floors. 
  • Match the furniture: You can also decide to make all the furniture in your room tie together through a matching rug. For example, if your couches are gray you can choose a rug that has gray accents throughout it. When everything in your desired room matches, your hardwood floors will be heightened through quality aesthetics. 


  • Wool Rugs: These types of rugs are very common for hardwood spaces because they are comfortable and easy to clean. They are also available in many different patterns making it easier to tie into your desired room. 
  • Silk Rugs: Even though these rugs may be beautiful they aren't very durable or practical. If you want to invest in a silk rug, your best bet is to put it in a room where many people aren't going to be walking over it or possibly spilling things on it. 
  • Cotton Rugs: When you put a cotton rug in a room it will normally give off a comfortable and casual feel. If your hardwood floors have a rustic look, a cotton rug might be the way to go to soften up the space.
  • Synthetic Rugs: If durability is the most important thing to you, this type of rug is the way to go. Synthetic rugs can be made of nylon, viscose, or acrylic and are available in many different styles. Because of their versatility they will often compliment any room.

Rug Pads

  • Natural Rubber: This is a great choice for a rug pad because it is safe to use on all types of hardwood floors and finishes. These rug pads are also more eco-friendly than plastic ones. Plastic rug pads can often release chemicals that eat away or dye your hardwood floors, therefore this is a far superior option. 
  • Felt & Rubber: When adding felt to the rubber it not only keeps your rug from moving around or scratching your floors but adds an element of cushion. This is often better if your rug isn't very thick and you want a more luxurious feel when walking on your rug. This type of rug pad is ideal for flat-weave rugs. 
  • Recycled Felt: This type of rug pad is perfect for large heavy rugs that do not necessary need much grip to stay in place. With a recycled felt rug pad you will have a layer of comfort, more than the mixed felt and rubber, which will make walking on your rug a more comfortable experience.

Overall, when choosing a rug and rug pad for your hardwood floors make sure you consider quality. It would be tragic to lift up your rug after numerous years to find out that the hardwood underneath it is ruined. Keep in mind that investing in great hardwood also means investing in quality items to put over it. 

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