4 Types of Hardwood Flooring and When to Choose Each

If you’re in the Chicago area and thinking about hardwood flooring, you have many different options. So, which one should you choose? Hardwood floors are an important part of your home, and if you make mistakes in selecting them, it could end up costing you in the long run. So, before you call a Chicago hardwood flooring company, do a little research so you get those floors right. Here are four types of hardwood flooring and some thoughts about when to choose each one.



Oak is one of the most common choices for hardwood flooring that homeowners make, and it is understandable why. It has medium to heavy grains and a beautiful undertone that many people describe as rosy, particularly red oak. Oak is a great choice for homeowners with big families, since it is durable and can take a beating without showing too much wear. Oak tends to be less expensive than other types of hardwoods, too, another plus. However, because it is so common to find oak floors in homes these days, some prospective homeowners prefer other, rarer hardwoods for their floors.



Maple is another popular hardwood flooring, although it is not quite as common as oak. Like  oak, there are many different maple flooring options available to homeowners. The tone of maple flooring is generally lighter than other hardwoods, so it is a great choice for contemporary or modern homes. Maple is also fairly tough as well and will hold up with minimal dents and nicks. However, Maple is also more difficult to finish than other types of hardwood flooring and can react poorly if it is exposed to extended periods of sunlight. You’ll definitely want to have a discussion with a trusted hardwood floor refinishing contractor prior to choosing maple flooring for your home.



Hickory is yet another popular flooring option, and for good reason. It is an extremely versatile type of flooring and can be used for more challenging flooring options homeowners want such as rustic wide plank farmhouse style interiors. It is also one of the hardest, most durable hardwood flooring options out there as well. However, there are drawbacks to hickory. It is more prone to warping than other hardwoods. Additionally, hickory floor installation can be challenging as well. You’ll definitely want to contact flooring experts in the Chicago area, such as Hardwood Flooring in Glenview, if you’d like to get hickory hardwood floors installed in your home!


American Black Walnut

American black walnut flooring has long been a staple in homes across the country. It has a beautiful appearance, with tight grains and striking undertones. This hardwood is also easy to stain as well, yet another advantage of this terrific flooring option.  However, American black walnut is often more expensive than other hardwood flooring options, It is also softer than many other wood species, so upkeep can be more challenging as well. Still, if you’re interest in looking at all your flooring options, make sure you talk about American black walnut to any of the professional flooring companies in Chicago to see if this classic hardwood is a good fit for your home or lifestyle.  


Any of these hardwood flooring choices can be great options for your home, so talk to a trusted Chicago hardwood flooring company today to find out which one will work best for you!