6 Ways to Protect Your Hardwood Floors During a Move

Moving into a new home? Make sure to be careful while moving in, so that your hardwood floors don't get scratched or ruined. Need a little guidance on how you can go about protecting your hardwood floors during a move? Keep reading, because we've created a list of 6 ways you can keep your hardwood floors in tip top shape during a move. 

  1. Use runners or protective mats to cover your floors.
  2. Measure your new space before moving in to avoid adjusting furniture or decor. 
  3. Doormats should be the first thing you put in your new home, to reduce the amount of dirt and debris ending up on your hardwood floors. 
  4. Never drag heavy furniture across your floors, always get someone to help you pick them up and carry them. 
  5. If you can't carry certain items get furniture slides, flat pieces of strong plastic that minimize the friction between the heavy object and your hardwood floor.
  6. A dolly with rubber wheels could also be a great help and won't scratch your floors.  

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