Sheen Level: The Difference Between Matte, Satin, Semi-Gloss, And Glossy

When getting new floors installed or doing maintenance to your current ones, don't let sheen level be an after thought. You consider so many factors and it's important to be educated on the different sheens and the results your floors will have due to them. Below we guide you through four levels of sheen to help you during your decision making process. 



This finish has very little sheen and is a much flatter finish that gives you a clean look. This is for people who are looking for a modern touch. It is also perfect for high traffic areas that require low maintenance, such as a kids room or the kitchen. 


If you want a little sheen this type of finish is perfect for you. Satin has some sheen but it isn't too glossy. It gives the room both a classic and contemporary feel, but it's still pretty easy to maintain. This type of finish is still recommended even if you have dogs or cats. It also gives a neutral effect on the space that it is in, making it easy for it to stand in the background of any interior decor. 


The glossier you go the more light reflects off the floor meaning more visible dirt, dust, and imperfections. This type of finish gives you more sheen, if that is your preference, but it is more practical than a glossy finish. Even though it is more practical it still needs a flow of semi-constant maintenance. 


Glossy floors show everything, which means that is needs to be cleaned and sanded more frequently. This finish might not be the most convenient type of sheen if it is put in a high traffic area, yet if you enjoy the look it might be worth the maintenance. 


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