Different Hardwood Floor Patterns

Getting hardwood floors installed? One thing you should consider is different patterns for installation. It’s an extremely important step that can impact furniture placement and the set-up of your home. Keep reading to learn more about ways your hardwood floor can be installed.


Straight Pattern

This pattern is extremely common and is used to create simple and modern designs. To achieve this pattern boards are installed parallel to one another along the length or width of a room.

Diagonal Pattern

This pattern is similar to the straight pattern in terms of how the boards are laid, yet instead of being places along the length or width of the room, they are placed from corner to corner. This design has the simplicity of the straight pattern with a little distinction.

Random Pattern

This pattern also has a straight-forward parallel design, but the boards are a mix of different widths. The differing widths allow you to customize your floor and will give the space a rustic yet energetic feel.

Parquet Pattern

For this pattern boards are laid in a repeated geometric pattern, resulting in the appearance of a checkerboard. This pattern gives a very stylish and distinct look to the space.

Herringbone Pattern

This pattern is very on trend right now, yet it isn’t suitable for all spaces, specifically smaller spaces because it tends to make them look even smaller. The boards are laid in a diagonal zigzag at 90-degree angles.  


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