Our New Gallery Is Here

We're always tinkering with how our site works. We make improvements all the time because it's such a valuable tool for customers. It's also the place lots of customers have their first interactions with Plus Hardwood Flooring. We've tweaked the gallery in more ways than one, and we think you're going to like it.  

The gallery is often the most viewed section of our website. It makes sense because people  want to see our work before they seriously consider using us for their next hardwood flooring project. We've made a couple changes that should highlight our photos in the gallery better than before. 

Our photos are now separated by project. That means that you can read up on what the project was about and see the corresponding photos. We think this is going to make it a lot easier for our potential customers to understand just what is going on in these photos.  

We want to make it clear in this updated gallery that these photos are real projects for real people. This is our work in the real world and we're proud of it. Customers are always ecstatic when we're finishing up a project because the transformation really is incredible sometimes. We hope this gallery conveys that.  

We're always updating things on the site to make the experience more pleasant for you. We have some additions to other parts of the site lined up, so stayed tuned for those.