We're Always Happy To Help You Choose The Right Stain Color

We find that choosing the right stain color is one of the most difficult decision that our customers make. There is usually a lot of deliberation that leads to second guessing. We try to help out customers make a decision that they are going to be happy with, but our advice can only go so far. We hope that we can offer some tips in order to make your future decision easier.

The color of your floors is a massive decision. You're going to have to look at them every single day up until your next refinish! We hope that we can offer some advice to make the next decision easier. 

Right now, dark walnut is the color that's in. Nearly every customer that we've done work for in the past year has wanted the dark walnut color or some variation of it. Dark floors are very popular these days. That's not to say that light floors can't be beautiful either.

We've done work on all kinds of floors. We've even done work with floors that they customer wanted stained white. Don't be afraid to step out of the box and experiment with all kinds of colors. 

It's important to know that the type of wood you choose for your floor is going to affect the way the stain blends. Certain woods like Ash will stain differently than another wood like oak. These are things that you should discuss with your floor man before you begin your next project. Every floor company will be more than happy to lay down a few stain samples on the floor just before the sanding so that you can better judge what the floor is going to look like. 

Don't forget to take natural lightning into account. Light can make a room look completely different as well as the floors in that room. Dark wood isn't going to look so dark if you have a lot of natural light coming in. This is also going to fade to floor color over time, so that's another thing to take into consideration.

We hope that some of these tips prove to be useful to you when it comes to choosing the color of your stain for your next hardwood flooring project. As always, we're here to answer any questions that you might have,