Hardwood Floor Maintenance Tips

We put together a quick list of how to take care of hardwood floors. We give customers a guide on how to maintain their hardwood floors whenever we install new floors or refinish older floors. We find that our customers love the guide we give them, so we'd like to put together a list here of what to do and what not to do.

Dust Floor With A Dry Dust Mop

This is self-explanatory. Dust on a floor over time can cause some serious damage. Microscopic particles can leave the tiniest of scratches that can cause serious damage in the long run.

Clean Spills Up

Liquids are your floor's worst enemy. Make sure to get to any spilled liquids immediately and mop them up. Don't be afraid to use a damp cloth to clean up sticky spots on your floor. Damp clothes are ok as long as you make sure to dry the area after you are done.

Rugs Are Your Friend

Rugs in high traffic areas can make all the difference. They will protect the floors underneath while still looking good as long as you can find a rug that compliments your floors nicely. Rugs in doorways are usually a great place to start.

Do Not Steam Clean Your Hardwood Floors

We've had customers in the past ask us about steam cleaning hardwood floors. This is a bad idea. That level of moisture would destroy a hardwood floor so we recommend staying away.

Do Not Oil Your Hardwood Floors

We've also had customers tell us that they heard that oiling a hardwood floor is a good idea from time to time. Oil on a hardwood floor is a death sentence. It will not prolong the life of the floors. It's just going to leave dark spots that won't come out unless you have another refinishing done. 

We hope that some of these floor maintenance tips help you whether you're the proud owner of new hardwood floors or you're just looking for a quick. As always, we're here to help. Contact us with any further question you might have or schedule a quote today.