3 Reasons Hardwood Floors Are Great For Families

Hardwood floors and families are like two peas in a pod. We've seen all kinds of families with hardwood floors, and we've yet to see an instance where hardwood floors were a bad idea. From families with toddlers to families with pets, hardwood floors are a great idea for any family.

Easy To Clean

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Hardwood floors are easy to clean as long as you're relatively quick to get to any stain. Hardwood floors that are properly installed are going to be very resilient to all kinds of spills. As a responsible homeowner, you have to make sure to get to spills quickly and dry them. This goes double for pet stains. The acidity in pet urine can permanently damage a floor if not handled in a timely manner. 

A simple pass with a cleaning solution every week or so is going to ensure that your hardwood floors are going to look great for years to come. Your floors are also not going to smell bad like carpet does after a few years. If you have a pet, your carpets will smell up until the moment you replace those carpets. There really isn't anywhere for that smell to sit in a hardwood floor. If weird smells are a concern, hardwood floors are your answer.

Kids with Allergies Will Thank You

Carpeted floors are going to collect dust no matter how many times you vacuum. It's not uncommon to see children with allergies suffer in homes that are predominately carpeted. Hardwood floors can alleviate the problem as the dust is not going to have anywhere to collect. It's very easy to spot any dust sitting on the surface. A quick pass with a Swiffer and you're done.


Do you need something a little "warmer" for the winter? A rug is a great temporary solution. Your toddler is beginning to crawl around the house? a rug here and there is going to make his world a little softer. You can enjoy the benefits of softer floors without having to commit to them permanently. A hardwood floor is going to look elegant all times of year and for years to come. A hardwood floor can be refinished and re-stained if you feel like a different color.

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We hope we gave you a few ideas to consider. Hardwood floors and families can work very well. We've run into a few customers that wanted to carpet the entire home because they were worried about temporary problems. We're here to tell you that it's only temporary. As alway, if you have any questions, don't be afraid to contact us. Have a nice day.