Plus Hardwood Flooring - NWFA Member

It's been a special week at Plus Hardwood Flooring. We are official members of the NWFA. The National Wood Flooring Association is an incredible organization dedicated to making sure that hardwood floor companies across the country maintain a level of excellence that is respected by the best that the hardwood flooring community has to offer. 

There are all types of hardwood floor companies. Some are a little more professional that others. Membership with the NWFA is something that only the most dedicated hardwood flooring companies in the country take the time to sort out. We're excited to finally be a part of the one hardwood flooring group in the country that is nationally respected.

The National Wood Flooring Association offers some incredible resources on their website. We always encourage our customers to go there if that have general hardwood flooring questions as the NWFA is a valuable resource. They run the website - which is a consumer facing hardwood flooring resource that anyone can use to learn about what goes into proper hardwood flooring.

We're excited to finally be apart of this group, and we're excited to meet other hardwood flooring men in the community through this group. We are looking to travel to the Hardwood  Flooring Convention April 2016 to experience some of the latest techniques in hardwood flooring so that we can stay ahead of the competition.