Hardwood Floor Profiles: Maple

Maple is a personal favorite of ours. Maple can be stained in various colors that are going to impress any guests you have in your home. We love Maple for its hardness and durability. We have it in our own homes and can wholeheartedly recommend it to any one of our customers.


Maple is great for any family that is going to beat on their floors. Maple has a Janka rating of 1450, which is pretty tough. Maple floors will be resistant to a pet such as a dog. Children can also have massive wear and tear effects on a floor, so Maple might be the right choice in that scenario.

Maple grows mostly in North America and Canada. These floors are going to have a pale complexion. Maple grain is very light, and it is actually difficult to see in most situations. This gives the wood a very "clean" attribute. Maple floors are not very busy, which is a look that some customers are going to prefer.

It can actually be difficult to work with Maple because if its unique characteristics. A Maple floor can quickly turn blotchy if it not prepares adequately ahead of time. We recommend contacting a professional before you start working on this floor. It would be a tragedy to have such a gorgeous wood ruined due to lack of preparation.

Reclaimed Maple Floors

Reclaimed Maple Floors