Plus Hardwood Flooring Saves The Day

Sometimes, it's our job to come into a home and fix a problem that we didn't cause. This happens all the time because unfortunately, many professionals in the industry simply don't have the skills that they advertise. It always pains us to see a homeowner wasting their precious time with someone who clearly isn't a professional, but that's the way this industry works sometimes. Read on if you'd like to make sure that this doesn't happen to you.

We recently got a call from some distressed homeowners who were not happy with the work that their previous floor man had done. We figured that it couldn't be that bad, but we were wrong.

As you can see, it's not a pretty sight. No one wants to pay thousands of dollars to have their floors turn out like this. The uneven finish and visible scratch marks are awful. We can't imagine what kind of person wouldn't be ashamed of this. It makes the entire industry look bad.

We got to work as soon as possible and tried to fix it as best we could. Luckily for the homeowners, we could sand this down and apply a new stain. In a lot of instances, the floor will be so messed up by the previous floor man that we would have to literally replace the floor with fresh would. This only happens if mistakes are made during the sanding process and the floor is scratched deeply.

We're really happy with how everything turned out. Most importantly, the homeowners were ecstatic. That's why we do this. We love coming into a home and making something beautiful happen. Each of our jobs is a different story and a new experience.

We hope you can see the difference between an average floor man who might have a low price and the professional company that makes sure everything is right the first time. If you have any questions or hardwood flooring needs, we are always here. We are true professionals and have the work to prove it!