Hardwood Floor Profiles: Maple

This week, we're going to be focusing on maple hardwood floors. Maple has a very distinct elegance to it that immediately attracts homeowners that are looking to add a level of seriousness to their space. We love working with maple as it is a "regal" wood. It definitely has a richness and fullness that you're hard pressed to find in any other type of wood.

Maple floors can be stained to be very dark which is a major seller for some people. We also love how easy maple is to maintain. You can easily sweep dust off of the surface to ensure a glowing floor all year long. This versatility is incredibly useful if you're looking for something that doesn't require constant care. Water and floor cleaner can make maple floors look brand new for an incredibly long time. Regular buffing is recommended so that the maple floors maintain their elegance for years to come.

There are some downsides to this elegant wood as well. Maple does not hold up incredibly well in heat and humidity. Rapid temperature changes can cause maple floors to warp and split. Admittedly, these tend to be extreme cases, but we have seen it happen from time to time. Midwest summers can be incredibly humid, so a dehumidifier may be a wise choice. A dehumidifier seems like an easy investment to make once you factor in the full price of a pristine maple floor. Protecting your investment is nearly as important as choosing to make that investment in the first place. 

Lighter maple floors tend to shows scratches more so than their darker counterparts. However, this can be said of most floor types. Darker stains are capable of hiding scratches should they ever occur. It can be a good idea to install maple floors in an area of the house that doesn't see a great deal of traffic. Maple floors can make any space look incredibly elegant. It only make sense to protect that investment to the best of your ability. Maple floors can also be pricey which turns some homeowners off.

Maple floors can last years if maintained properly. They really do add a "wow" factor to any space they are installed in. If you have any questions about maple floors, or if you've got questions about other woods, don't be afraid to ask. We're here to help.