Be Wary of DIY

Occasionally, a customer will share a wonderful piece of social media with us that has to do with DIY. We always get a kick out of any type of video or photo gallery detailing the struggle of an individual that decided to refinish his or her hardwood floors on their own. We'd like to say that it can definitely be done on your own, but it's going to be a lot more work than most people bargain for. With plenty of research and preparation, anyone can do their own hardwood floors. Unfortunately, the internet has spawned a type attitude that affirms the idea that all professionals in any trade are trying to rip you off. Hardwood floor professionals are charging astronomical prices simply because they can. It simply isn't true, but it's nearly impossible to tell these people otherwise. We've compiled a list of our favorite DIY projects that went terribly.

Staining Wood Floors

This video is a bit long, but we think it perfectly illustrates what happens when someone refuses to do any proper preparation before undergoing a project as involved as sanding and refinishing your own hardwood floors. This individual did a ton of things wrong, but seemed happy with the final results. We can say with 100% confidence that if we did something like that to a customer's floor, we'd be out of business. A common theme with DIY people is that their failures add "character". The deep scratches and the completely uneven sanding is only making your home worth less. 

How Not To Refinish Hardwood Floors

This individual at least had the self awareness to understand that he did not know what he was doing. The post tile makes it very clear that he made many mistakes along the way. It's sad to see beautiful floors destroyed like this. We charge what it costs to make beautiful hardwood floors. This notion that professionals overcharge is simply ridiculous and exaggerated. 

"It really is an art form that we love sharing with our customers."  

If you want to do your own hardwood floors, we say go for it. It's something we love doing. But please realize that it is not easy. It requires skill and hard work. Working with hardwood floors requires patience and years of experience if you want to do it well. It really is an art form that we love sharing with our customers.  

Look at all of that "character".

Look at all of that "character".