Honesty Is Our Policy

Great businesses have values. We take those values to heart as we believe that it permeates throughout an entire organization. Honesty is something we hold dear, and we think it shows in our words and actions. From providing our potential customers with honest estimates, to telling the hard facts other business will never share with you, we bring an integrity to this line of work that we wish our competitors would steal from us. 

"We believe a customer can immediately tell when someone is lying to them..."

Honesty is one of this core pillars that really changes the way an interaction with our company feels. We've all experienced the refreshing feeling of talking to a salesperson that tells it to us straight. We believe a customer can immediately tell when someone is lying to them; or at least not telling the full truth. We make it a priority to make sure that the customer feels that we are telling them everything that they need to know. It's a vital belief that informs the rest of our business.

We recently had a customer interaction that left us feeling pretty great about the way that we treat our customers. For reasons that would need an entire separate article to explain, we recent,y had a shortage of workers. Admittedly, it's a great problem to have. We had too much work given that amount of labor we currently have working for us. We had an exchange with a customer that made it abundantly clear that a time frame would have to be met if we were to take on this specific job. 

"The customer sent an email that took us aback."

We informed our customer that we would not be able to fulfill the promise we made due to the circumstances surrounding our worker shortage. The customer sent an email that took us aback. He was shocked that we were so honest with him. Our honesty is something that is hard to find in our line of work because competition can really turn anyone cyclical given enough time. That leads to people binding truths because their values become compromised fairly quickly.

"The whole truth. And nothing but the truth." 

Honesty matters so much to us because this is a family business. This is not some corporate entity that has no face. We support families with our paychecks. We know that our customers are hard working individuals. Interacting with human beings makes it easier to be honest because of how powerful empathy is. At the end of the day, we have to sleep with ourselves, and that's reason enough to tell the truth. The whole truth. And nothing but the truth.