Do Hardwood Floors Make Sense in a Kitchen?

The kitchen tends to be where a lot of families do most of their "living". It is a high traffic area that takes a lot of abuse. We occasionally get asked, "Does it make sense to have hardwood floors in the kitchen?". Our short answer is yes, but we'd like to give a few reasons why we think it's a good idea, as well as dispel some common misconceptions.

Hardwood flooring is, in our humble opinion, the most elegant flooring option anyone can choose for their home. When an entire floor is hardwood, it creates a seamless look that opens up the space. The most common option for kitchens is tiles, but we think in some cases, a hardwood floor can add an elegance and warmth that even some of the nicest tiles can't.

"A proper finish on any hardwood floor will protect your floors from the nastiest of spills."

The largest fear people have about hardwood floors in the kitchen has to do with spills. Many believe that liquids are the achilles heel of hardwood floors. This could not be further from the case. A proper finish on any hardwood floor will protect your floors from the nastiest of spills. It is important to clean those spills up as soon as possible, but the liquids themselves should not be a reason someone decides against hardwood floors in their kitchen. A properly maintained and treated hardwood floor will last a lifetime. You also get the added benefit of being able to refinish your floor if your tastes change over time.

We've been asked if we think having hardwood floors in the kitchen might make it difficult to stand for prolonged periods of time. Tiles can be just as hard as hardwood floors, so we don't quite understand this line of thinking. To anyone out there that is a huge fan of cooking, a simple nice rug near the places you're going to be standing for prolonged periods of time is a great solution. It also adds the benefit of keeping your feet warm if you're not a slipper person. 

Ultimately, no one can deny that an open layout accented with beautiful floors throughout a house adds a certain level of character that tiles simply cannot. We love working with wood because of how durable, yet malleable it is. Staining a floor can unlock hidden beauty that did not exist before. A relatively quick refinishing job can add a new glow to your kitchen for years to come. We may be biased, but the next time you're thinking about hardwood floors in your kitchen, and you're wondering whether or not it's a good idea - it's a good idea.