One Ingredient to Our Secret Sauce: Communication



The word quality is thrown around a lot on our industry. Everyone claims to offer superior quality for half the price. When everyone starts shouting the same thing, the worlds begin to lose all meaning fairly quickly. We'd like to be specific and mention some of the areas that we take special care in. We really do try to create a superior experience compared to the competition out there.

If you decide you need a professional floor company to come do your work, you're going to want to ask for estimates. We realize that we offer one basic service that many of our competitors do not - we respond to emails quickly. Go ahead and look around to see who actually responds to your emails. We consider our selves to be technologically savvy enough to answer an email in 2015. We find that a lot of our best customers are happy to be able to deal with a company that is able to keep up with professional individual's busy lives. 

The world changes quickly, and we do our best to adapt. We believe polite and prompt communication lays a foundation for honesty that we can use to build incredible relationships with our customers. The little things add up over time, and that's what sets us apart. We realize that looking for a hardwood floor specialist is not something everyone looks forward to. The reasons can vary, but people tend to dread large home projects because they've heard horror stories about a contractor simply walking off the job. Keeping customers in the dark is not something we do at Plus Hardwood Flooring, and we do our best to make the experience of working with us as pleasant as possible - from estimate to final coat.

We recently had a project that involved a bidding war with other hardwood flooring companies. We were able to deduce that we didn't actually offer the best price. The customer chose us simply because we responded to an email. There are floor specialists out there that don't actually know who to communicate via modern methods. That alone was enough to sway this particular customer's decision when it came to the final selection. Clearly, customers value a company that values their time and the way way they want to do business.

We've gone over some of the precautions we take that some in the industry simply choose to ignore. For us, these are simple steps that need to be taken in order to ensure that we can perform as professional as a job as possible. We take it to the next level by taking the time to explain what is going on to our customers. We're available through email, text, and phone call because we want to make the communication as easy as possible. Sure, these things benefit our customers greatly, but we do it because we find that it keeps customers happy. Happy customers are a pleasure to work with and hopefully mean a good Yelp review or two.

If you value a company that goes the extra mile to make sure you're properly informed, don't hesitate to contact us.