Hardwood Floor Profiles: Brazilian Cherry

Brazilian cherry is one of the most popular imported woods in the United States today. People love due to its exotic characteristics. Brazilian cherry can give any room in your home a look and feel that traditional woods simply can't.

Brazilian cherry is not actually a cherry species. It is also known as Jatoba in some circles. The cherry name comes from its natural look. Brazilian cherry carries a red hue that reminds everyone of a summer picnic with fresh cherries. It is stunning in person and leaves a lasting impression.

Exotic hardwood has interesting characteristics when it comes to color change over time. Brazilian cherry will gain richness over time. The most dramatic change will occur over the first six months after installation. It's a truly "living" wood that has a vibrant flair that other woods can't match.

Brazilian cherry is one of the harder woods that you can install in your home. This means that it will hold up well against most foot traffic. This ensures that your floors are going to look great over time. Pets shouldn't be a problem either. Brazilian cherry gives off a premium vibe, but has a dependability and robustness that makes it practical in the active home. It's truly a great choice for any family.

If you want to give your home an exotic, we can't recommend Brazilian cherry highly enough.  It combines practicality with beauty in a way that makes it desirable in all types of living situations. We'd be more than happy to help you answer any questions for your next hardwood flooring project. If you were looking for a unique look in your home, look no further - Brazilian cherry is what you were looking for.