Hardwood Floor Profiles - Pine

There are so many choices customers have to make when they install new hardwood floors. One of the first and most obvious decisions they're going to have to make is what kind of wood they want to install.  It seems like a pretty simple question initially, but it's actually rather loaded. There are so many types of wood that interact differently with different stains. One type of wood can make or break a room, so this is not a decision that anyone should take lightly. While it may seem daunting, don't fret. We're here to help you make some sense of all of this. Plus Hardwood Flooring will make sure that you feel comfortable with your decision so that you can simply enjoy your beautiful hardwood floors.

"There is a downside - pine is soft."

Pine is a wood with benefits and drawbacks. Pine is a rare wood type in the Chicago area, which makes us a little sad. Pine is great fun to work with because you can get some incredible colors out of it with various stains. It's always a treat to work with pine due to how well it blends with any stain we throw at it. There is a downside - pine is soft. This means that scratches are going to be really visible fairly quickly. This is the biggest deal breaker for most people. If you don't have children or pets, give pine a try. You'll get a look that no one else in the neighborhood has. 

Pine is extremely versatile because of how quickly pine trees can grow. This lends pine to plantation farming. For centuries, wood workers preferred working with pine over other hardwood because of how soft pine was. Technically, pine is not a "hardwood", but most people refer to it as such for all intents and purposes. 

"If you don't have children or pets, give pine a try."

If there are any other woods that you'd like for us to cover in the future, simply let us know! A well informed customer is a joy to work with. Contact us at hello@plusbuildinginc.com with any comments or suggestions. Alternatively, leave us a comment on our Facebook page.