Hardwood Floor Dreams with Houzz

Every great home improvement project needs to start somewhere. A single piece if inspiration can lead you on a journey that will end up being a story that you tell for years to come. You could fall in love with the hardwood floors on you favorite coffee shop, or maybe you saw a a really fun idea on the internet somewhere. We want to give you a jumping off point so that you can think about your next flooring project. We love Houzz for that very reason.

"Diversity is the spice of life - and hardwood floors." 

Houzz is a great source for finding your dream setup. Home construction projects can be incredibly complicated. A lot of people think that everything needs to be set in stone, but construction is very much an art. Things develop along the way that you have to deal with and work around. The more angles that you tackle problem from, the better the outcome. We find that having an open mind when it comes to hardwood flooring will lead to fresh ideas and layouts that you could have never imagined. Diversity is the spice of life - and hardwood floors. 

Houzz has a fantastic search feature built into its website that scours hardwood flooring projects all over the country. Check it out right here. You can search for all kinds of hardwood floors and most importantly, see them in a real world context. Looking at a hardwood floor in a showroom is one thing, but if you can see it in a real living room, you can start to imagine yourself living there. That's what Houzz is great at - they have a ton of construction companies and interior designers all fighting for your business. You'll find some great work that you can use as inspiration when you start your next hardwood flooring project. 

Look at all the filters!

Look at all the filters!

The amount of filters are really great for when you have something specific in mind, but you can't quite put your finger on it. Houzz will help even the pickiest person find what they're looking for. We often work with customers that find a floor the like on the internet and ask us to recreate what they found. These are our favorite projects because it allows for a level of collaboration that really makes the work personal. We can't even tell you how many times we've made it our mission to bring an inspiration to life in order to satisfy a customer and perhaps our own ego. (Only because we know we're that good.)

"We can make your dreams a reality."

Give it a shot. We're right here to answer any questions you might have in regards to your next hardwood floor project. We can make your dreams a reality.