Hardwood Flooring Outside: The Best Wood For Outdoor Living

Even though we are in the winter months it’s never too early to start brainstorming for spring and summer renovations. Installing hardwood floors in outdoor living spaces, like a patio or a deck, can get complicated especially when outside weather conditions are unpredictable. You might be thinking, if the maintenance of hardwood can be complicated when in an outdoor living space, why not just use a different material? Well, stone and tile can get expensive, and cement can be difficult to repair if it cracks. Therefore, installing hardwood floor with the correct planning process can be the best option.

Now here are the most popular wood species to consider for outdoor living spaces!


This is usually the number one choice for outside wood flooring. Not only is it beautiful but its ability to resist shrinking, warping, and cracking make this one of the best choices. It also is resistant to decay and insects. Redwood retains finishes well and is very maintenance free, so you won’t be worrying about it in the rain or snow.


This is an incredibly beautiful wood species and is used for multiple uses because it accepts stains really well. This species comes in colors from very dark red to a reddish brown. It’s extremely strong and is also resistant to insects and termites.


Mahogany ranges from tan to auburn brown. This is also a very strong and dense wood species. Normally, this is the best porch flooring material for houses located along the coast, in rainy, or humid communities.  


This wood species is known for its beauty and durability. Cedar normally ranges from mellow ambers to reddish browns. It is resistant to decay and insects due to the oils in the wood making it great for the outside.


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