Hardwood Flooring Trends 2016 - Continued

We like to take the time to go over some style trends that we pick up on from time to time. We see certain trends throughout our industry and we like to point them out for our customers so that they can make more informed decisions. We'd like to share some photos from our recent project that just came out terrific.

Diagonal floors are very popular with a lot of new installations these days. Diagonal floors are not something that is very common, but it can definitely add another level of wow to any room. There are all kinds of situations in which a diagonal floor can work. As you can see from the photos below, this project was a treat.

A diagonal floor is going to be very noticeable. If you want your floors to stand out, we suggest you give diagonal floors a chance. If a more muted and reserved look is what you're looking for, it's probably best to avoid doing something this drastic to your floor. 

We like to bring up some of these trends from time to time because we think it gives customers more information before they have to make some tough choices. You can rest easy knowing that any hardwood floor job with Plus Hardwood Flooring is going to look great.