Say Hi To Our New Gallery

We think hardwood floors are beautiful (naturally). We rebuilt our gallery from the ground up to make it easier to sort our photos into project pages. We hope this is going to make it easier for people to see our work over the past couple years. Read on to see some of our favorites from our new gallery.

We recently had a rather job in Glenview that proved to be time consuming. The client wanted to update the floors in the home to a darker color because of how popular it is to go darker these days. We were more than happy to help.

The owner was ecstatic with the results. The whole home was updated and it was night and day difference. 

This next set of pictures has some dramatic before and after pictures. We always find the before and after shots to be incredible to look at. We often have customers ask if we're taking pictures of the same floors. Rest assured, they are indeed the same floors and we're proud of what we were able to transform these floors into.

We're always happy to share our most recent projects. We find that it gives our customers the confidence they deserve before choosing the hardwood floor company that they end up going with. Check out our gallery to see some more photos from various projects. We plan on updating the gallery as time passes with future projects.