Hardwood Floors In Your Home Office

From time to time, we have a customer that works from home. A home office can often be the most important room in the house for this type of person. We were recently asked by a customer about what the best practices are when it comes to caring for a hardwood floor in a home office - specifically, caring for a floor that is going to have an office chair on it. We took some time to put together a write up for this customer and we thought that'd we share it with you.

An office chair can do some serious damage to a hardwood floor. The wheels on rolling office chairs can often be brutal for the long term health of your floor. We have a few suggestions that you may find useful. 

Mind the Wheels

Ideally, it would be great to avoid any office chairs that have hard plastic wheels. The hard plastic does not play nice with hardwood floors. We recommend using a chair with some rubber wheels so that you can glide across the floor without causing too many scratches. 

Chair Mat

A chair mat can definitely help prolong the life of the hardwood floors underneath your office chair. Plastic floor mats have a slight problem however. Do not let anything get trapped underneath your mat because that can do some serious damage to the floor underneath.

Cleaning is Key

Try to keep those floors clean as often as you can. You wouldn't believe how for a good cleaning will get you. Clean floors are the key to having floors that last a very long time.

We hope that these simple tips help you if you had questions regarding hardwood floors in a home office. We know that the home office is a sacred place for people. It only makes sense to want to preserve that room so that you can have great hardwood floors in that room for years to come.