A Few Tips for Kitchens with Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring in a kitchen has always been one of the those topics that gets people riled up. There are some people who really don't think the kitchen is a place for hardwood floors while there are others who think the kitchen is the perfect home for hardwood floors. As with most things, it comes down to the type of person you are and what kind of living situation you are in. 

We are of the fundamental belief that a kitchen is a great place for a hardwood floor. If the rest of your home is hardwood flooring, the open layout that a constant hardwood floor provides is fantastic. The uniformity of having only one floor type is a nice aesthetic that most homeowner enjoys for years to come. We haven't even brought up how much easier it is to maintain only one floor type vs two or three different ones. 

kitchen hardwood flooring

We do have a couple things that we think you should look out for if you decide to have hardwood floors in your kitchen.

Watch out For Moisture

We feel like a broken record, but moisture really is the timeless enemy of hardwood floors. Simply drying up a spill quickly instead of waiting is going to make a world of a difference as time passes on. A mat underneath your kitchen sink to protect against spills there is going to be a great way to keep your floors dry.

Be Careful With Rugs

Rugs are great to add a bit of character you any hardwood floor but you have to watch out for the sun. Kitchens are typically covered in a lot of natural light. Hardwood floors that have rugs on them can end of with dark circles where you have your rugs if you're not careful. This effect is more prevalent with floors that have darker stains. Hardwood floors have a very real reaction to the sun so it's best to be cognizant of how the sun is interacting with your hardwood floor int he kitchen.

hardwood floor kitchen

Don't Worry About The Wear and Tear Too Much

Hardwood floors are meant to be lived on. Kitchens are typically some of the most heavily trafficked areas in any home. As long as you take reasonable care of the floor in the kitchen, you won't be in too much trouble after some scratching and dings. You're going to have to refinish your whole floor anyway, and the kitchen is going to go along for the ride. The only thing that would require actual plank replacement is a liquid spill that sits for too long.