3 Myths About Hardwood Floors

There is a lot of misinformation surrounding the topic of hardwood floors. It's natural for half-truths to form around a topic like hardwood floors because it's not something that most homeowners deal with a lot. By that, we mean that most homeowners seek out professional help when they need some work done to their hardwood floors. When we talk to our customers for the first time, a lot of the same types of myths come up. We'd like to mention some of them in the hopes that you can avoid falling in some of the most common traps.

Hardwood Floors are Expensive


Sure, the initial upfront cost can be a little bit of an eye opener for some, but there's a little but more to the price of a hardwood floor than meets the eye. Hardwood floors are going to last years - decades even. Proper care and maintenance are going to ensure that hardwood floors last a typical family for the majority of their life there. Wood is incredibly durable and can be refinished many times during its life. 

Hardwood Floors are Difficult to Maintain

We often hear from customers that they fear the care and maintenance that goes into owning a home with hardwood floors. There really isn't much to worry about. The biggest thing to avoid is going to be pet stains. Pet stains can permanently damage wood, so make sure to take care of those as quickly as possible! Other than that, simple hardwood floor cleaner will ensure that the finish on your floors is looking incredible for years to come. 

Hardwood Floors are a Money Sink

We often hear from potential customers that they are worried that hardwood floors are a money sink. Hardwood floors are an incredible investment. Homes with hardwood floors sell faster and get higher offers. We occasionally work on homes that were recently involved in a real estate transaction. We like to talk with real estate agents because we're fascinated with the housing market and we've never had an agent tell us that hardwood floors are a bad idea. Sure, they can be expensive up front, but you get to enjoy them and then recoup a decent amount of the cost when you sell your home. 

We hope we were able to shed some light on some of these topics for you. If you have any questions or you'd like to request a free estimate, don't hesitate to contact us.