5 Reasons To Finally Refinish Your Hardwood Floors This Year

At Plus Hardwood Flooring, we take hardwood floors very seriously as you can imagine. Feel free to look at some of our past work to see what we mean. We love what we do and we love doing this work for our customers. We often have our customers remark on how enthusiastic we are about hardwood floors, and we tell them that we're only like this because we know that we're some of the top professionals in the Chicago area. We're giving you some reasons to consider refinishing or installing new hardwood floors this year.

Increase The Value Of Your Home

Hardwood floors are incredibly valuable if you plan on selling your home sometime this year. Hardwood floors are the first thing that someone is going to notice when they walk into a home. Make that first impression a great one with newly refinished hardwood floors. With the real estate market picking up, now is the time to get this done if you've been thinking about it for a while.

Do It For Yourself

A lot of our customers tell us how long they've been putting a project like this off. We understand that it's a big decision in any homeowners life, but it's about time that you had floors that you're proud of anytime you look at them. With any big decision in your life, make sure you choose a vetted professional that will work with you to get the floors that you've been dreaming of.

Spring Time Is The Beginning Of Our Season

We start to get really busy in the next few months. We always hate turning down work, but it has to happen sometimes. We get booked very quickly once Chicago gets a hint of Spring. We know that we're not the same either. If you call a a hardwood flooring professional in the middle of the summer and they're not busy, that may be a sign that they're not in high demand. The best hardwood flooring professionals are going to start getting very busy so get a hold of them while you still can!

You'll Have Beautiful Floors For Years

Newly refinished hardwood floors are going to last you years. If you take proper care of them during that time, you're going to have floors that look great for years to come. It's definitely an investment, but it's an investment nearly everyone we speak to is happy they made.

Hardwood Floors Look So Much Nicer Than Carpet

This is obviously biased, but you're going to be hard pressed to find someone that thinks hardwood floors don't look better than carpet. Carpet has it's place, but we've always been proponents of hardwood floors in homes with children and pets. Hardwood floors are so much easier to clean as well.