Some Eco-Friendly Tips For Your Hardwood Floors

We're not just a simple hardwood flooring business. We have core principles that we want to reflect in our day to day work. We care about the environment and work to ensure that we're environmentally friendly in as many aspects of our business as possible. We've complied a list of simple things that any one of our environmentally conscious customers can look to when they decide to do their floors in the future.

Get Local Wood: Sourcing wood from a nearby lumber mill can greatly reduce the impact your next hardwood flooring job will have on the environment. Transportation of raw materials can take its toll on the environment. While local may not always be the cheapest, you get the added benefit of being able to support your local economy. 

Consider Bamboo: Bamboo is a very interesting wood that is becoming increasingly popular in recent years. It has a natural resistance to moisture due to its natural habitat, so the occasional spill will be worry-free. Our customers have told us stories about bamboo being harder than any wood they've ever seen before. If you, or anyone in your household is they type to wear heels, then bamboo might be the solution for you. As we've said before, high heels can wreak havoc on any hardwood floor in due time. 

Reclaimed Wood Can Give Any Home Character 

Reclaimed Wood Can Give Any Home Character 

Consider Reclaimed Wood: We've had a few customers who insisted on reclaimed wood. Many have heard the phrase, but are unsure of what it means exactly. Reclaimed wood is simply wood that is saved from destruction. Since reclaimed wood tends to be a lot older than fresh wood, it has a very "aged" look that some people really enjoy. Proper reclaimed wood that has undergone inspection can be expensive, so this option is not for everyone. 

Check out our oil vs water based finish article to see the benefits of going with the environmentally friendly water based finish.

Being environmentally conscious when it comes to your hardwood floor isn't exactly the cheapest solution, but many customers feel better knowing that their floors didn't have a massive impact on the environment. Don't hesitate to ask us questions next time you do your hardwood floors if you want to reduce your environmental impact.