A Sign Of The Times: Estimates Over Email

It wasn't so long ago that a lot of our customers preferred to have a hardwood flooring specialist come to their home and do an estimate on site. Just like most things in life, change is inevitable. We are finding that a lot of our potential clients want their estimates done over the internet. We live in a hyper connected world where time is more valuable than ever. It's our job to adapt to these ever-changing environments and give the customer what they want.

We've been noticing a trend lately, and it's that people are very comfortable contacting us via email. A few short years ago, we had most our our customers calling us directly in order to organize a time to meet and have the estimate done in person. Recently however, customers like to use email to have a conversation with us. We've done our research and found that a lot of flooring professionals in the industry don't have an easy way to contact them other than phone. 

"One floor man's loss is our gain."

The conversations that begin over email often end up in the customer asking us if it's possible to do an estimate over email as well. We know that this is usually because customers want to shop around, but we've found that many floor professionals do not want to communicate via email let alone give an estimate over it. One floor man's loss is our gain. We try to accommodate our customers in as many ways as possible within reason, so we've welcomed technology to the best of our abilities.

We've mentioned this before, but we'd like to make it clear again - estimates in person are always more accurate than an estimate that we can do over email or the phone. When customers ask for estimates via email, we generally like to see pictures of what we're working with as well as accurate measurements. We've run into a few situations in which the customer essentially left off an entire rooms worth of floor. We never like running into a situation in which we have to give a price than we originally quoted. We try to adhere to the philosophy of "under promise and over deliver".

Nevertheless, we are always looking at new ways to delight our customers and give them experiences that our competitors cannot for one reason or another. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, or if you'd like to schedule an estimate - via email or in person.