House Parties and Hardwood Floors

It's that time of year again. News Years Eve is just around the corner and we hope that you have your plans set already. Millions of Americans host partied in their homes every year. We'd like to give you some ideas when it comes to keeping your hardwood floors clean this year. 

Take those shoes off!

It's rather common in the United States to leave your shoes on when you enter a home. We're here to tell you it's ok to ask your guests to take their shoes off. Shoes carry all kinds of sharp things like rocks underneath them. You'd be surprised at how easy it is to scratch up a floor with a tiny pebble.

Not something you want to see.

Not something you want to see.

Take spills seriously.

Most wood is fairly resilient to the typical spill. it's important to clean those spills up as soon as possible. Moisture over time can lead to some nasty rotting wood! Remember, rotted wood needs to be completely replaced in time, so do your best to avoid this scenario.

Warn people about a "no-shoe policy".

It may seem crazy, but trust us - people who always wear shoes can be afraid to give them up if you ask them to. Ample warning will ensure that women wearing boots or heels can account for the lack of shoes. It can be off putting or cold to walk around a home with no shoes or socks on. This is doubly true in the winter when it can get very cold although you wouldn't know it this year in Chicago.

The dreaded heel kills hardwood floors all over the country every year.

The dreaded heel kills hardwood floors all over the country every year.

Have some slippers ready.

People alway come unprepared. It's your job as a host to make sure that everyone is comfortable. We find that having some guest slippers of ever guest socks is the way to go. This way, everyone is happy - your floors are safe and your guests' feet are warm.

These are just some tip we wanted to offer to anyone hosting a party at their home this year. New hardwood floors are beautiful. It only makes sense to want to preserve that beauty for years to come. We wish everyone a joyous holiday season and a fantastic New Years!