A Good Review Goes A Long Way

Plus Hardwood Flooring is a small business. Like any small business, the little things add up to create something truly special. Great customer reviews are worth a ton to us. If you own your own service-type business, you know just how important a great review is. Yelp reviews and Google reviews are the fuel that keeps this business going in a hyper-competitive market.

A single Yelp Review can lead to a massive influx of business for us. We always have customers to tell us they were impressed with how man great Yelp reviews we have. We're lucky that we have a perfect score on Yelp and Google, but we're always striving for more.

We want this to be a message to you the consumer. Your voice matters. If you want to show true appreciation for a business, leave them a great review. They are worth more than most people understand. Bad reviews can be a dark mark on any business. We've been fortunate enough that we've had reasonable customers that resolve any issues with us behind the scenes. We're always willing to make things right. You'll find that most business operate the same way. Great business are run by people who care about their reputation. We stand by our product and service.

At the time of this writing, Plus Hardwood Flooring has 5 stars on Yelp with 14 reviews and 5 stars on Google with 6 reviews. We worked hard for every single one of these and we're proud to talk about them. Each review was a relationship with a customer. They enjoyed our work so much that they were willing to take time out of their busy schedule to leave us a review. We truly appreciate it.

We're also proud that all of these reviews are real customers. You'll find that a lot of reviews on the internet aren't exactly honest. There have been cases of business paying for Yelp reviews and Amazon Reviews. We take business ethics seriously and would never resort to something so low. All we're saying is be careful out there. Everyone isn't as honest as they seem. What makes us so great then? We're willing to give you the names of people whop are willing to vouch for us. That's how much we believe in our products and services.