Solutions to Your Floor Problems - Volume 2

This week, we continue our ongoing series that goes over common problems we see when we go out to do estimates for people. A recurring theme in this series is simple negligence, laziness, and ignorance. Due to the nature of hardwood floor work, some tasks may seem repetetive or not important because the average homeowner isn’t going to notice. We’re writing this so you do notice! Educate yourself when it comes to handiwork, it could save you stress and money!


Drum Marks



Cause - Improper technique with the large drum sander. The operator must lift the drum sander whenever it is stationary in order to avoid an uneven sand.


Solution - If the drum mark is shallow enough, you can come at it at various angles to lessen the drum mark. This will create a general low spot in the floor that can be made less noticeable over a large area.


Pet Stains 



Cause - Pet Urine.


Solution - The only real solution for pet urine that has set over a long period of time is board replacement. A bad pet stain cannot be sanded out. In some rare cases, it is possible to bleach a floor in order to get some of the stain out, but this is time consuming, expensive, and actually degrades the overall hardness of your entire floor.


Rotted Wood


Cause - A buildup of moisture over a prolonged period of time.

Solution - Identify the cause of the moisture first, and fix that. The rotted woood needs to be replaced with fresh boards, then sanded and finished appropriately.