Solutions To Your Floor Problems - Volume 1

This is the first of our ongoing series which deals with common floor problems that we come across. We will go over some of the possible causes, as well as some solutions. We often get calls from customers asking us to come take a look at their floors after another flooring company did something incorrectly. The general cause for a lot of these cases stems from both inexperience and laziness. Read on to learn a thing or two about your floors.


Early Finish Wear


Cause - A finish can tend to wear prematurely when proper maintenance isn’t done. It’s important to keep pet nails trimmed, as they can destroy a finish given enough time.


Solution - If the scracthes are not too excessive, a simple recoat may be enough to save the floor. However, if there are too many scratches, another round of sanding may be required. Take care of your floors!




Cause - Oil-based finishes tend to change color over time. We tend to see the change in color fall closer towards the “amber” side of the spectrum. Any wood exposed to sunlight will change color as well, so keep that in mind.


Solution - If you really can’t stand the color change, it may be necessary to refinish the floor and recoat with a water-based finish. Wood will change color over time regardless of the amount of effort you put into preventing it. Water-based finishes and protecting your wood from direct sunlight can help slow the process.


Corners Are Not Scraped


Cause - General inexperience and laziness. A hand scraper needs to be used in order to get into every nook and cranny and get the old finish off.


Solution - The corners of a floor cannot be sanded by the big machine, so it requires manual scraping with a hand scraper. This can be tiresome and time consuming, so we see poor corner work from time to time. The only real solution is to scrape the corners and resand the entire floor.