What Does Dustless Mean, Anyway?


A good hardwood flooring company will focus on the details that others choose to ignore. An attention to detail is something that every customer gets with Plus Hardwood Flooring. Our refinishing and installation processes are designed to reduce the amount of sawdust that makes its way into the air that our clients breathe. We’d like to go into why it’s important to choose a hardwood flooring company that uses a “dustless” system.


"...dust is inevitable, which makes the term “dustless” a bit of a misnomer."


Sanding wood creates sawdust; lots of sawdust. It can create enough to seriously affect the breathing of anyone within the vicinity of the sanding site. A good hardwood flooring company will ensure that a vacuum is hooked up to all of the sanding machines while the work is being done. It’s important to note that no matter how many precautions are taken, dust is inevitable, which makes the term “dustless” a bit of a misnomer. However, it’s still very easy to tell when no vacuum was used as the air will be very difficult to breathe without coughing.

A Buffer Hooked Up To A Vacuum

A Buffer Hooked Up To A Vacuum

There are various reasons that a company will decide to cut this corner, but it seems that the biggest is that it can save time. It can be quicker to just begin sanding without setting up sometimes cumbersome vacuum cleaners with hoses running every which way. The downsides far outweigh the benefits for us. Not having the vacuum is a health and safety issse for anyone stuck in a dust-filled room for too long.

When you’re deciding between different hardwood flooring companies, we highly recommend you choose to go with someone that is dustless. Make sure to hold them to it as well! Many companies advertise as dustless and then decide to cut that corner when they get to the job site. Plus Hardwood Flooring provides dustless refinishing services and they’re just a phone call or email away.